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About Us
Core strengths

Top technical team

快盈购彩大厅APPHas a top technical team, skilled, experienced, for hundreds of Companies in various industries to provide professional power inverter equipment solutions.

The most professional custom service

Specializing in the production of various specifications of variable frequency power supply equipment, as long as you have needs, we will be able to provide you with the shortest possible solution

The most intimate after-sales service

The country has a number of after-sales service shop, you have any product problems, we will respond within two hours, all day 24 hours of service

The most economical solution

快盈购彩大厅APPThink customers think, the customer would like to think, solve industry application customized high cost scheme

International authoritative certification

Hong Kong Yang Sheng's products have passed all kinds of certification authority, truly meet the customers with high quality, high price, high stability requirements

The most advanced frequency conversion technology

Specializing in the design and manufacture of power supply technology in the province, over the past decade has been the core of inverter technology, is committed to providing customers with the best frequency conversion power solutions